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Welcome to SCRAS Mini & Toy Aussies. We are proud to offer the finest ASDR registered Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherds available. Bred down from the original Australian Shepherd, they are known for their agility, intelligence, and loyalty; a true companion. Our Mini & Toy Aussies are known for their compact physique with the same poise, integrity, and strong work ethic as their larger counterparts. We have the best mix of brains & temperment. We want our Aussies to be able to not only go into any events offered, but also to be the loyal compainions they are known to be!


We have all sorts of animals here at our farm and our Mini & Toy Aussies are exposed to each and everyone of them! Our Aussies live happy, healthy, and free lives on our 10 acre farm. They get to run and play all day! They are not kennel dogs. During the hot summer days our Aussies enjoy swimming in our 3 acre lake. Our dogs are our family, so they all do their part in working stock and helping where needed around the farm.


We take what we do with our dogs very seriously. It's more than a hobby, it's a passion. We are devoted to provide the public with the perfect addition to their family, just as we were blessed with the many additions to ours!


We do have puppies available from time to time. Visit my available puppies page. If we do not have any available you can leave your name and number and request to be on our waiting list.


Here at SCRAS Mini & Toy Aussies we are proud of each and everyone of our Aussies, and we are happy to meet in a safe location or video call so you can meet them! We are located in Fulton, Missouri with the capability to safely ship any of our Aussie puppies anywhere within the continental US. We live on 10 acres where they get to run and play all day!


We love to hear all of the puppy stories and  to see all of the photos that we receive daily. Many of the people who have purchased a Mini Aussie from us have become great friends, and many have came back for a second or third Aussie, or referred their friends and family to us. We are blessed to share our life and our family with them. We hope to be able to help you start your own Aussie story, or to add another chapter to your existing one!


Deposit is a non-refundable $500.00

Shipping Available!

SCRAS Aussies Toy and Mini Aussies
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